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The Dagaz Center offers a sanctuary for growth and healing. Our expert staff provide personalized coaching to navigate life's challenges.
Join us to unlock your full potential and embrace change with confidence.

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At The Dagaz Center, we light the path to your personal and professional growth.

Adelina Olivares

La Transformer

Embodying the spirit of change, Adelina Olivares – 'La Transformer' – specializes in guiding people through their metamorphosis. Her mission is to empower clients to reshape their mindset and habits, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful path.

Donica Landa

Career Coach

As a successful entrepreneur and business mentor Donica provides invaluable advice and guidance to startup founders and business owners. Empowering her clients to explore career options, transition to new roles, and achieve professional success.

Dymond Castañeda

Cafe Manager

Dymond brings creativity and expertise to her role as a pastry chef, delighting our guests with her delectable creations and always assuring a delicious beverage adding warmth and goodness to clients visits.


Life coaching, Transformation coaching, Spiritual coaching, Business coaching and more.


Family, Individual, Couples, and Group

Course Mission: Do you find yourself going out of your way to make other people happy, even at your own expense? Is this taking away from your Happiness or Business Growth? Your mission should you choose to accept it is to quit shrinking to fit in and hoping people will like you, by magnifying your personal power, in 60 days, so that you can say no without guilt, stand up for yourself and your desires, and focus with confidence and determination on living your truest self and/or your business growth so that you can feel accomplished. Imagine reconnecting with family and friends who turn out to be genuinely amazed how life is falling into place for you, and finally feeling proud of how your hard work is paying off because you have generated increased business success and happiness in your life. This is all possible when you go through the unique Dagaz Method Course: Breaking the Mold of Conformity and People Pleasing: For Women Features and Benefits of Core Deliverables: Live Virtual Group Coaching gives you the benefit of a real time, energy filled experience through group excitement and momentum, plus a live Q&A for added learning opportunity. Pre-Recorded Training gives you 24/7 access with unlimited Play, Pause, and Review so you can work your course early morning, mid-day, or late night! 7 1/hr Live Virtual Group Coaching Calls provide invaluable side-door coaching and gives you an opportunity for a seat on the Hot Chair with personalized Q&A Module One: The Dagaz Approach; Connect, Discover, Envision, & Commit by Connecting w/ Your Coach Discovering the Bulletproof method for transformation. Envisioning YOUR BEST SELF and Committing to WIN Module Two: Identifying the Mold; Dissecting your pre-programmed mindset and beliefs to identify what is beneficial or toxic to your happiness and/or success. Module Three: The Choice to Change; Learn the process and tools you can use to clear the blocks that are keeping you from your truest self and bigger success. Module Four: Cultivation of Thy SELF; Establish your rules, your beliefs, and your power to work more confidently and focused on your business. Module Five: Future Blueprint; With your new and empowered mindset and determination, it is time to set higher standards, new goals, and plan for your future!

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  • Edinburg, TX, USA
  • Available Worldwide via Zoom